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St Ann's R.C. Primary School

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St Alphonsa

She was the first woman of Indian origin to be canonised as a saint by the Catholic Church.  She is the patron saint against illnesses, especially those of the feet as she had eczema and clubbed feet as a child.  She died at the age of 35.

(Mrs Jones)



St Cecilia

It is said that Cecilia is the patron saint of music because she heard heavenly music in her heart during her own wedding ceremony.  An angel crowned Cecilia with roses and lilies. After seeing this, her husband became a Christian, his brother did too. The three of them worked for God the rest of their lives. Cecilia told stories about Jesus to anyone willing to listen and this made many people believe in God.

(Mrs Taylor)



St Francis

Following orders from God, Francis renounced his worldly goods and lived as a beggar, repairing ruined chapels. Francis is also known for his love of nature, calling all creatures his ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’. He believed that every living thing had been created by God and so is the patron saint of the environment, animals and birds.

(Mrs Gresty)



St Martin de Porres

St Martin de Porres is best known for his charitable work. He was noted for his work on behalf of the poor, establishing an orphanage and a children's hospital.  He is the patron saint of social justice, racial harmony, and mixed-race people.

(Mrs Nelson)