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St Ann's R.C. Primary School

Eco Council

St. Ann’s Eco Council

Why is having an Eco council important to us?

At St Ann’s we understand that looking after our world is very important. We listened to the call from Pope Francis in his open letter addressed to every person on the planet- Laudato Si. In this letter Pope Francis asks us all to protect the earth, our common home.


When do we meet?

At St. Ann’s our Eco Council meet each half term to discuss eco-friendly and environmental issues within school community and world. There is one Eco Council representation from each class.


Our work so far

Since our Eco council was established in June 2022 the council have created a new Eco Code for the school to follow. We have also created class room posters encouraging students and teachers to switch off lights and our interactive boards when not in use.

We believe that:

‘By working together, we can make the world a better place for everyone’s future’.



In March 2023 the children also created posters to encourage participation of Earth Hour which took place on Saturday 25 March 2023 at 8:30-9:30pm.


Even though Earth Hour has passed for this year we can still do many of these things for one hour each week to continue helping our planet to recover.


  1. Turn off all of your lights (except the ones that you need or get an adult to light a candle).


  1. Instead of watching TV, read a book or play a board game with your family or friends.


  1. Do a massive tidy up around your home and recycle old cardboard or plastic.


  1. Go for a walk around your local area; don't be cramped up in your living space.



Event calendar

Here are some upcoming events that you might want to take part in at home.




Spring 2

26th March 2023 8:30-9:30pm

Earth Hour

Summer 1

22 April 2023

Earth Day

Summer 1

30 April – 6 May 2023

Hedgehog Awareness Week

Summer 1

16 May – 20 May 2023.

Walk to School Week

Summer 1

20 May 2023

World Bee Day

During half term

23 May –27 May 2023

National Gardening Week

Summer 2

1 June - 30 June 2023

30 Days Wild

Summer 2

1 July - 31 July 2023

Plastic Free July