Welcome to Year 5!

Teachers:   Mrs Millard (Class 9) and Mrs McGarry (Class 10)                        Teaching Assistants:  Mrs Maciejewska, Mrs Farrar


Please remember, we are still here to support you and we can be contacted using the email addresses shown here:

Mrs McGarry - class10@stannsrcprimary.co.uk

Mrs Millard - class9@stannsrcprimary.co.uk

Please do keep in touch, if you are continuing to learn from home.  We love to hear what you've been up to and we thoroughly enjoy receiving your photographs via email.

Mrs McGarry and Mrs Millard x



Week beg

13th July



30 mins reading EACH afternoon

20 mins TTRS Each afternoon


30 mins reading



Statistics – Complete the 2 worksheets on reading and interpreting tables. Answers are also available as a PDF.



Comprehension – complete the Highwayman on pages 28 and 29 of the CGP book. Then watch The Highway Rat using this link: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b09kkt1k/the-highway-rat

Are there any similarities / differences between the original poem and the animation?  Write them down.  

Just for fun!


The children in school had a go at these tasks on Friday – enjoy them.  We had some very imaginative ideas!


  • Write the perfect menu (starter, main and dessert)
  • Draw a strange creature – it could have a dog’s head, a cat’s face, a horse’s body and a rat’s tail!
  • A genie has granted to 3 wishes – what would you wish for and why?
  • Draw your dream bike, scooter or car.


10 mins Maths shed



Statistics – Complete the worksheet on Time tables – answers are also available.  Once you have done this, complete pages 72 and 73 in your Maths CGP book.



By now, your parents will have been told which teacher you are getting in Y6.  Your task today is to complete the ‘Let me introduce myself’ letter to your new teacher.  This is your chance to say hello to them before September and to give them some more information about you.  The Y6 teachers here are very nosy so tell them as much as you can!  Once you have written the letter, you can decorate it to show off your arty side!  If you are doing this task from home, please send a photograph of your completed letter and we will pass them onto your new teachers. 


Moving to Y6


Thinking about your move to Y6, write down any questions you have for your new teacher.  If you have any worries, write these down too.  Bring them back to school in September to share with your teacher.




30 mins reading

10 mins Spelling shed



Maths challenge booklet – answers can also be downloaded.

There are 2 separate ones – Mrs McGarry math’s group and one for Mrs Millard’s math’s group. Please download the relevant one for you.



SPaG challenge booklet – answers can also be downloaded.


DVD afternoon


Spend some time watching your favourite film this afternoon.  You have certainly earned it after all your hard work this year!


Today, the children in school will most likely be watching something fun and playing outside – weather permitting so enjoy doing the same!






Maths sheet (1)    Maths sheet (2)      Maths answers (1)     Maths answers (2)


Maths        Maths answers

English - Letter to your new teacher


**challenge booklets will be uploaded later today - please check back *


Create a piece of history whilst you are learning from home...

Why not write a few sentences in a journal or diary every evening?  In years to come, the situation we are in right now will be a huge part of the world’s history and you will be able to share your first hand experiences with future generations.  It will be similar to your grandparents and great grandparents sharing their experiences of their childhood with you!





Our P.E. day is on Friday so please ensure that your child has full kit for this day.


Reading books can be changed every day if needed.  Books must be changed at least once a week to ensure progression through the reading scheme.

Homework will be given out on a Friday to be completed by Wednesday of the following week (unless otherwise stated).  Each week there will usually be one piece of English and one piece of Maths.  All homework is to be completed in pencil or black handwriting pen (25p from school) and to the standard we expect in school.

New spellings will be given on a Friday.  These will be given on a Friday.  These will be written in their beige spelling books.  Please ensure your child brings this to school each Friday.  Spellings from the previous week will be tested on a Friday morning.

Even in Year 5 - you should aim to listen to your child read every day for at least 10 minutes.  See the Literacy page for some top tips!


Useful equipment to have at home to complete Homework:

Pencil, pencil sharpener, ruler, glue stick, pencil crayons, dictionary, thesaurus.


Useful links

Top Marks    This is a great Maths game for times tables and the rapid recall they need of the facts in Year 5.  It is also available as an APP for your phone

BBC Education


British Museum