Welcome to Year 2!

Teachers: Miss O'Neill (Class 3), Mrs Whittaker & Mrs Cowles (Class 4)                 Teaching Assistant: Mrs Crowhurst

We are really enjoying receiving your emails and seeing pictures of your fabulous work.

Keep it up, Year 2! We are very proud of you and miss you lots.



Here are the timetables of activities for the week:

Week 12 beginning 29th June 2020

Week 11 beginning 22nd June 2020

Week 10 beginning 15th June 2020          Urgent - Please Read this from Mrs Lucas 

Week 9 beginning 8th June 2020

Week 8 beginning 18th May 2020

Week 7 beginning 11th May 2020

Week 6 beginning 4th May 2020

Week 5 beginning 27th April 2020

Week 4 beginning 20th April 2020

Week 3 beginning 6th April 2020

Week 2 beginning 30th March 2020

Week 1 beginning 23rd March 2020



Y2 Handwriting Practise (wks 1-3)

Y2 Handwriting Practise (wks 4-6)

Y2 Handwriting Practise (wks 7-9)

Y2 Handwriting Practise (wks 10-12)


Week 12


Tues - Toy Invention Activity Sheet

Weds - Biography Template

Thurs - Popping Punctuation PowerPoint

Thurs - Popping Punctuation Activity


Step-By-Step Self Portrait Guide

Self Portrait Frames


Lesson 4 Types Of Seed Dispersal PowerPoint

Lesson 4 Seed Dispersal Worksheet

Lesson 4 Seed Dispersal Sorting Activity


Toilet Roll Blossom Tree

Toilet Roll Octopus

Toilet Roll Chick

Toilet Roll Tiger   -   Tiger Templates

Toilet Roll Owl

Toilet Roll Penguin

Toilet Roll Bunny

Toilet Roll Ladybird

Toilet Roll Monster

Toilet Roll Rocket

Toilet Roll Pirate

Step-By-Step Animals 1

Step-By-Step Animals 2

Step-By-Step Animals 3


Week 11


Acrostic Poem PowerPoint

Acrostic Poem Word Bank

Book Review Template 1

Book Review Template 2

Book Review Template 3


Find Change

Find The Difference


The Talents Parable

We Are All Different

I Am An Amazing Person Worksheet


Physical Activity Bingo


Week 10


Monday Missing Number Problems


Lesson 2 Seeds Grow Into Plants PowerPoint

Lesson 2 Seeds Grow Into Plants

Lesson 2 Seed Packet Template


Week 9


Symbols of the Holy Spirit


Lesson 1 Observing Plants

Additional Maths

1. Bonds to 20

2. 10 More & 10 Less

3. Adding & Subtracting 10s

4. Adding 2-Digits & 1-Digit

5. Adding 2-Digit Numbers (1)

6. Adding 2-Digit Numbers (2)

7. Subtracting 1-Digit Numbers from 2-Digit Numbers

8. Subtracting with 2-Digit Numbers (1)

9. Subtracting with 2-Digit Numbers (2)


Week 8


Lesson 5 Keeping Clean PowerPoint

Lesson 5 Keeping Clean Activity Sheet 

Lesson 5 Handwashing Song

Lesson 5 How to Wash Your Hands Sequencing


Week 7


Limericks PowerPoint


Altar for Mary


Lesson 4 Exercise PowerPoint

Lesson 4 Exploring Exercise Sheet

Lesson 4 Exercise Word Mat

Lesson 4 Exploring Exercise Questions Activity Sheet

Physical Activity Challenge Cards


Week 6

VE Day Powerpoint


Measure Lengths (cm) (Measure Lengths (cm) Answers)

Measure Lengths (m)   (Measure Lengths (m) Answers)


Hail Mary 1

Hail Mary 2   


Lesson 3 Healthy Eating Powerpoint

Lesson 3 Healthy Eating Menu Plan


Week 5


Imperative Verbs Worksheet

Writing Instructions PowerPoint


Describing Movement   (Describing Movement Answers)

Describing Turns   (Describing Turns Answers)

Describing Movement and Turns   (Describing Movement and Turns Answers)

Making Patterns with Shapes   (Making Patterns with Shapes Answers)


Human Growth Lesson 2 - Basic Needs

Lesson 2 Basic Needs Activity Sheet

Lesson 2 Basic Needs PowerPoint


Week 4


Word Bank 1

Word Bank 2


Sorting 2D Shapes   (Sorting 2D Shapes Answers)

Sorting 3D Shapes   (Sorting 3D Shapes Answers)

Making Patterns with 2D Shapes   (Making Patterns with 2D Shapes Answers)

Making Patterns with 3D Shapes   (Making Patterns with 3D Shapes Answers)


Lesson 1 Human Growth

Lesson 1 Human Growth PowerPoint


Week 3


Animals and Their Young


Week 2


Monday - Finding Simple Fractions of Numbers

Wednesday - Comparing Fractions of Amount



Continents and Oceans Task  

Continents and Oceans PowerPoint


Keep looking at the PE page for suggested activities to keep you fit and healthy (Mums and Dads can do it too!).

Also have a look at the MFL (Modern Foreign Language) page which can give you a head start in Spanish for when you go into Y3! 


Have fun & keep in touch!

Sending love from the Year 2 team xx

Fr. Ged (our Parish Priest) is a familiar face in school.  He visits us regularly, not only to say Mass but often just to say Hello.  The children are used to seeing him popping into their classrooms and he has even been known to join in with Maths' lessons and sit and listen to class novels at 3pm!  When the government announced that Churches were to close, Mrs McGarry (our RE Coordinator) shared a photograph with Fr. Ged of an Italian priest who had asked his parishioners to send him photographs of themselves so that he could print them and display them on the pews so that his Church did not feel so empty.  Fr. Ged loved this idea so much that he invited parishioners and families from this parish to do the same.  Many people, including a couple of our teachers, have taken up this invitation and have sent Fr. Ged photos to display on the pews in St. Ann's Church. If you have a few moments spare why not visit the page to see the wonderful pictures that Fr. Ged has displayed (some of which have been drawn and painted by our school children). Fr. Ged continues celebrate Mass each day and shares these Masses with us via the Parish Facebook page (link below).  He will continue to post videos of the Masses during the closure which you are very welcome to view, at your leisure. If you wish to send a photograph to Fr. Ged, details of how to do this are all available on the Parish Facebook page. 


Please find a list of fun and educational websites that you might enjoy exploring.  We have categorised the list by subject. 

Subject Specific Websites

Important: In these uncertain times, we expect that the children will be using computers and the internet more than ever, so safer internet messages are particularly important. Please refer to our INTERNET SAFETY page for regular updates and advice. 




PE is every Monday afternoon.  Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school.  For details of the PE kit, please -  click here.



Spellings will be given out every Friday to be tested the following Friday.

Homework will be given out every Friday and is to be handed in by Wednesday.

Please support your child in completing their homework neatly in pencil.

Suggested Reading List  

Mr Majeika by Humphrey Carpenter

Jinnie Ghost by Bertie Downey (poem)

The Legend of Spud Murphy by Eoin Colfer

I was a rat!: Or, the Scarlet Slippers by Philip Pullman

Salty Dogs by Matty Long

Tuesday by David Wiesner (picture book)

Gorilla by Anthony Browne (picture book)

The Dunderheads by Paul Fleischman

Dr Xargle’s Book of Earthlets by Jeanne Willis & Tony Ross

The man whose mother was a pirate by Margaret Mahy

Mr Wolf’s Pancakes by Jan Fearnley

Gobbolino the Witch’s Cat by Ursula Williams

How to Live Forever by Colin Thompson


Help and Advice  

Click on the links below for some curriculum support.


Times tables practice page - the children in Year 2 should be confident with their times tables and division facts for the 2, 5 and 10 times tables

Recognising multiples

Multiplication word problems

Sharing without remainders



Phonics Play

Top Marks