Welcome to Year 1

Teachers:   Mrs Eccles (Class 1), Mrs Reed (Class 2).         Teaching Assistants:   Mrs Griffin, Mrs McCusker



Dates for the diary linked to Year 1

Wednesday 24th April

Class Photographs

Wednesday 1st May

Golden Assembly

May Procession

Thursday 9th May

Chocolate Bingo Night. 6pm.  St Ann’s Parish Centre

Monday 20th May

Last day to return photograph order

Friday 24th May

Break up for half term.  3.30pm

Monday 17th June

Sports Day

Saturday 29th June

Summer Fayre and Artisan Market

Wednesday 3rd July

Golden Assembly

Thursday 18th July

School finishes for Summer.  1.30pm


PE Day

Every Wednesday morning.

Please ensure your child brings in their PE kit.  For details of the school PE kit, please click here


Spellings / Homework

Spellings will be given out every Friday to be tested the following Friday.

Homework will be given out every Friday and is to be handed in by Wednesday.

Please support your child in completing their homework neatly in pencil.





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Suggested reading list


The Man on the Moon (A day in the life of Bob)

By Simon Bartram

Can’t You Sleep Little Bear?

By Martin Waddell

Not Now Bernard

By David McKee

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

By Judith Kerr

Where the Wild Things Are

By Maurice Sendak

Lost and Found

By Oliver Jeffers

The Wonder

By Faye Hanson

Cops and Robbers

By Alan and Janet Ahlberg


By Alexis Deacon

Would you Rather?

By John Burningham

The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark

By Jill Tomlinson

The Day the Crayons Quit

By David Daywalt

Peace at Last

By Jill Murphy

The Enormous Crocodile

By Roald Dahl


Help and Advice

Phonics Play - children may find this fun and useful for practising their Phonics skills.   

Top Marks - another fun website

BBC KS1 Bitesize

Primary Games

Common Exception Words

Phonics Sound Mats


Maths objectives covered – Spring term

Summer Term Maths Objectives

Number: Multiplication & Division (reinforcing multiples of 2s, 5s and 10s)

  • Count in multiples of twos, fives and tens.
  • Solve one step problems involving multiplication and division, by calculating the answer using concrete objects, pictorial representations and arrays with the support of the teacher.

Number: Fractions

  • Recognise, find and name a half as one of two equal parts of an object, shape or quantity.
  • Recognise, find and name a quarter as one of four equal parts of an object, shape or quantity.
  • Compare, describe and solve practical problems for: lengths and heights (for example, long/short, longer/shorter, tall/short, double/half)
  • Compare, describe and solve practical problems for: mass/weight [for example, heavy/light, heavier than, lighter than]; capacity and volume [for example, full/empty, more than, less than, half, half full, quarter]

Geometry: Position & Direction

  • Describe position, direction and movement, including whole, half, quarter and three quarter turns.

Number: Place Value (within 100)

  • Count to and across 100, forwards and backwards, beginning with 0 or 1, or from any given number.
  • Count, read and write numbers to 100 in numerals.
  • Given a number, identify one more and one less.
  • Identify and represent numbers using objects and pictorial representations including the number line, and use the language of: equal to, more than, less than, most, least.

Measurement: Money

  • Recognise and know the value of different denominations of coins and notes.


  • Sequence events in chronological order using language [for example, before and after, next, first, today, yesterday, tomorrow, morning, afternoon and evening.
  • Recognise and use language relating to dates, including days of the week, weeks, months and years.
  • Tell the time to the hour and half past the hour and draw the hands on a clock face to show these times.
  • Compare, describe and solve practical problems for time [for example, quicker, slower, earlier, later]
  • Measure and begin to record time (hours, minutes, seconds)


 English topics covered


This term the children will continue writing full sentences using full stops and capital letters. We will be looking at different writing genres including instructions, recounts and story writing. We will be sharing a range of stories to inspire our writing. The handwriting sessions will be working on correct letter formation, size and letter families. In Guided Reading sessions, we will be reading decodable books in order to consolidate our phonics knowledge. We will also be doing a weekly comprehension lesson.




The Resurrection



Plants & Animals

Topic (History/Geography)




Basic Skills




Singing Development – Action Songs


Colour Creations

Teddy Bear’s Picnic