History overview



Year Group

Topic 1

Topic 2

Topic 3


British History-*

Bonfire night

Remembrance Day

St Andrew’s Day (30th November)

St David’s Day (1st March)

St Patrick’s Day (17th March)

St George’s Day (23rd April)

Shakespeare Week


Historic Celebrations-*

Chinese New Year

Valentine’s Day

April Fool’s Day

Pancake Day

Easter celebrations



My History-

Children talk about past and present events in their own lives and the lives of family members.

New Life/ Human Growth



News- Weekend, half term


Year 1

Changes within living memory- Grandparents/ Parents/ Children- Coffee morning.

Significant historical events in the locality-

Industrial Revolution, Canals, cotton industry.


Events beyond living memory- inventions, telephone, internet, TV, aeroplane

Year 2

Significant people

National and International Explorers

Events Beyond living memory that are significant nationally or globally- The Great Fire of London, Remembrance, Guy Fawkes


Significant historical events, people and places in the locality- Emily Pankhurst

Year 3



Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age



Year 4

Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece/Roman Empire

Roman Empire




Year 5

The Vikings and Anglo Saxons

Mayan Civilisation

Mayan Civilisation




Year 6


Immigration and Emigration Local study

WW2 Local Study