Geography at Home

Here are some Geography games to try at home

World Geography Games is great was to practise identifying different countries on a map. There are options to study world maps, seas, oceans, continents as well as the geography of the UK, volcanoes, mountain ranges and flags of different countries.  


Statetris-UK For those who like a challenge this is an interesting game mixing aspects of the popular game 'Tetris' and geography. Instead of positioning the typical Tetris blocks, you position different places at their proper location on the map.


TOPOROPA offers games specifically aimed at the UK and Europe which include looking at counties, mountains and rivers.


Geography Quizzes If you like a challenge then these are the quizzes for you. Try the Countries of the World quiz. How many countries do you know? In this quiz, you've got 15:00 to name as many as you can or perhaps try the European Map quiz and fill in the map of Europe by correctly guessing each highlighted country.


St Ann’s Geography Curriculum intent

At St Ann’s our intention is to provide a high-quality Geography Curriculum which will inspire in pupils a curiosity about the world and its people, that will remain with them for the rest of their lives. We want the children to acquire knowledge about diverse places, people and resources in both natural and human environments and to recognise the awe and wonder of God’s natural world.

The curriculum at St Ann’s will enable our learners to be confident to understand and ask questions about the world. It will encourage all children to take a responsible attitude towards looking after the Earth and its resources so that they become global citizens.

We want the children to rejoice in their learning and foster an enjoyment and fascination of the world, together with a deep understanding of the Earth’s key physical and human processes. Through a carefully planned curriculum, our teaching will enable children to develop their skills as critical thinkers. They will have opportunities to develop contextual knowledge of their own locality and the location of globally significant places.  Through an understanding of the interaction between physical and human processes, the children will understand how our local landscape and the wider world are shaped and interconnected.

It is our intent that the children enjoy and develop a love of learning Geography, both inside and outside of the classroom and that they will have opportunities to take part in educational visits or fieldwork to develop and practise applying their geographical skills.

Throughout the curriculum all children will be given opportunities:

  • To collect, analyse and communicate a range of data
  • To take part in fieldwork
  • To use a range of geographical resources.

We aim to raise the standards of the pupil’s abilities through developing specific Geography skills such as:

  • Map skills including O.S. maps, sketch maps
  • Fieldwork
  • Using Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  • Using photographic sources –aerial photographs
  • Interpreting tables, graphs and diagrams
  • Numerical and quantitative skills.
  • Using keys
  • Using a compass

We aim to increase the opportunities for the children to experience:

  • Learning about different cultures
  • Taking part in fieldwork and educational visits
  • Researching using a variety of sources including IT
  • Exploring and developing their knowledge of our local community


Useful Links


Geography Games


Ordnance Survey Maps


Earthquake Track


National Geographic Kids


Geography Whole School Overview


These topics will be taught as half term units throughout the autumn, spring and summer terms.


Year Group

Topic 1

Topic 2

Topic 3


British Isles: Saints’ Days

our locality- school and classroom.

Weather*-Daily/Seasonal weather

Map Skills

Transport our locality, cities and towns

All Around the World

Chinese New Year (China)

Class Bears holidays (Spain, Germany, London)

Positional Language

Zoo visit to Blackpool

All Around the World

Jungle animals-Rainforests

Seaside- coasts and beaches

Pirates- coordinates and maps

Year 1

Geography of our school

Basic compass directions

Seasonal and daily weather patterns.

(Naughty Bus)

Your Locality – Stretford

Human geography changes over time in the locality.

Compare and contrast United kingdom and non-European country- North East Australia

Year 2


British Isles- name and location of 4 countries, capitals and seas.

Basic map reading and compass skills



Seven continents and five oceans



North and south poles

Hot and Cold Areas

Year 3


Map reading and compass skills fieldwork.

Land use (UK)



Importance of Rivers and Settlements (UK) linked to Ancient cities.




Year 4

Map skills

European Topography

European cities and countries – links to Greece


Volcanoes and Earthquakes (Europe)

Regional Studies



Fieldwork- link River Mersey to River Tiber

U.K. and Italy

Year 5


UK- Building on Previous Knowledge

Longitude and latitude

Time zones




South America

(incorporating reference to Central America)



Map reading and Compass Skills


Fieldwork- Physical and human features in local area.


Year 6




Map reading and Compass skills (8-points) including:

Grid references, Symbols and key (UK)


North America

(New York)




North America

(New York)